Multi Room Audio Video (AV) gives you complete control of your media including music and video distribution via custom made servers and matrix switches.

Redington Electricals multiroom audio-video systems provide complete control over the media. The custom-made servers and matrix switches give our customers a smooth experience.

They do not ruin the appearance of your house as, while installation, we ensure that equipment and all the wires are hidden from view. You can control our systems for a central point and broadcast to multiple locations.

Our bespoke AV systems offer wall-mounted TV, on-wall or discreet in-ceiling speakers, and modern keypads. The remote controls, along with the systems, ensure zero virtual intrusion in your living space.

With crystal clear sound and high-resolution video, all your family members will love our AV systems. They give you the liberty to enjoy to the fullest without having to deal with the complicated stereo equipment. With just a tap of your finger, you can control the sound of your whole house.

Redington Electrical one-touch control, easy-to-use AV systems are, therefore, a must-have as they take your entertainment to the next level. 

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