Redington electrical have been working with lighting control systems for many years using what we've learnt to design a range of practical and reliable solutions.

Redington Electricals has been taking care of people’s lighting problems for many years now. We provide our clients with innovative and long-lasting solutions.

Our lighting control systems help you operate your home’s lighting system, both manually and automatically. They offer intuitive flexibility to help you adjust the lighting as per your preferences. You can modify the amount of light depending on the time of day as well as with weather conditions.

These smart systems have the power to change your mood; with a dimmed ambience, you can relax after a tiresome day, and with bright lighting, you can elevate your mood.

These convenient lighting systems can be controlled from your smartphones, tablets, or wall-mounted control centres. The best part is that you can operate them even when you are not home. They also ensure a person’s safety, especially of the elderly, preventing them from fumbling at night.

The scheduled on/off feature adds to the comfort. They also offer a presence simulation
control that tricks people into believing you are home even when you are not. This enhances the safety of your house by saving it from burglary.

Keeping in mind your budget, we can design a perfect and affordable lighting system for you.

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