Expert home cinema installers offering the complete design and installation of home cinema rooms service throughout Hampshire, London and surrounding counties

Home Cinema Installers Redington Electrical provide the ideal home cinema experience that you and your family will enjoy to the fullest. Whether your into film, TV, gaming or sporting our professionally installed home cinema packages will give you a wholesome experience.

We listen to your requirements and work with your architects or designers to offer the best home cinema installation solution for your home.

Redington electrical boasts a team of experienced professionals that specialise in delivering effective and affordable home cinema installation services.

Understanding the requirements and expectations of all our clients before setting up a bespoke system is fundamental to what we do at Redington electrical. The systems we install will offer exactly what is expected from any expert company making sure that the audio and video equipment is reliable and best of all simple to use.

With 4K/8K video support, acoustic design and soundproofing our systems will give you the best possible cinema experience. All home cinema installations should also come with 1 simple to use universal remote control which means bringing up your video sources as simple as touching 1 button. Our systems are extremely easy to use so simply press a button on remote, touch screen or keypad then music begins, lights fade, and you enter a completely different world. Once you are done, press exit on the wall-mounted keypad, and that’s it all your home cinema systems will shut down ready for your next family movie day.

Everything needed for the perfect night in

Press start movie on your wall mounted keypad, music begins to play and the lights fade up to pre set level. Take your seat then as the projector hits full brightness lights fade down to lower preset level. Navigate through your media then as you press play lights fade off and music stops ready for you to enjoy your viewing. Press pause lights fade up to lower level or press stop lights to higher level and music plays. Leave the room and simply press exit on keypad and everything turns off.

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